Church vision

Local vision

Because God, through His grace, saved us and changed our lives, we believe that every member of the congregation must share this good news to everyone around him. We identify with the motto of our forefathers, „Every Baptist, a missionary!”

The first step of the Great Commission (Matthew, 28:18-20), which represents the work that Lord Jesus entrusted to His Congregation, consists of proclaiming the Gospel to the lost world. This presupposes our going out with the Gospel to the people. We believe that congregations should not contain themselves within some walls and wait for the lost to come to their church building in order to be evangelized. True evangelism is done outside, in the midst of the people. Our congregation tries to bring the Gospel to the people, where they are, using every opportunity to share the Good News with them. We believe that a congregation should make their presence known in their community through the constant proclamation of the message of the Gospel.

Because we understand the congregation to be a living institution, a functional organism and body in which every member is active and ministers according to the specific gifts and calling given to him by God, we consider the meetings of the congregation very important for every member, because they offer the opportunity for everyone to serve God and their fellow brethren.

The congregation is the Temple or the House of God, the only place He authorized for public worship and service. Therefore, an authentic local congregation is a blessing for the place in which she exists. One of the purposes for which Christ left His Congregation on earth is for her to gather together the saved from a given place, for them to worship God and serve Him publicly. We exhort every saved person, by words and example, to join a true local congregation. For a believer, this is a privilege, but also a duty.

National vision

The New Testament model for congregations is that every one is independent, self-governing. We believe that the supra-church organizations, such as associations, unions, conventions, etc. are unbiblical. Any religious organization that operates without the authority of a biblical local congregation is, likewise, unbiblical (examples of such are mission boards or even religious education institutions). The practice of the congregations in the Scriptures, which is our practice as well, is that every New Testament congregation is free to cooperate with other congregations of like faith and order and to help one another for the advance of the Kingdom of God.

We desire for our country to be blessed with many such sound congregations that would be spiritual salt and light in our part of the world and we are willing to make any effort to help people get acquainted and become part of such congregations. If you wish to learn more about our congregations and how you can find one in your area, you are welcome to contact us, and we will try to help you locate the closest one to you.

Global vision

Because our Lord’s plan for His Congregation, spelled out in the Great Commission, is a global one, His Gospel and His congregations must reach the uttermost parts of the world. Every local congregation, however small, must have this global vision of its mission on earth.

Our congregation aids, financially, through human resources and through teaching materials, sister congregations and biblical mission works, throughout the globe. Also, our congregation makes all efforts to insure that the Gospel of grace and the teachings of Scriptures are available in as many languages as possible. Currently, our materials are translated and used in 15 languages, in various countries from 6 continents.

By the grace of God, we shall do everything we can to go wherever we are called, to preach the Gospel and teach all that our Lord has commanded us!