National missions

Mission points in Romania. Currently, our assembly has five locations where we have regular services: Bocșa (Caraș Severin county), Filiași (Dolj county), Bucharest and Timișoara. If you wish to participate to our services, please identify the closest location (See Contact/Locations), and contact us.

Mission journeys. We regularly make mission journeys throughout the country and visit all those that want to meet with us. If you wish to be visited by us, or that we start a mission work in your area, please contact us.

Conferences. Annually, our church organizes conferences in Bocșa and Bucharest. We will be organizing conferences in other cities, we well. If you wish to participate to such conferences, please contact us to find the dates, subjects and locations.

Distribution of literature. Our missionaries distribute Gospel booklets on a regular basis, handing out the message of the Good News of salvation. Until now, we distributed literature in approximately 300 cities, towns and villages throughout Romania, and in 116 such communities, literature was distributed from door to door. If you wish to receive or to distribute our literature, we are offering it free of charge to all those interested.

Foreign missions

Helping other churches and mission works. Our church has helped churches and mission works in Peru, Cuba, Malawi, Nepal, and the Philippines. We do our best to help scriptural churches and mission works, wherever they are. Because we have limited resources and want to be wise stewards of the Lord’s money that He entrusted to us, there will be some verification steps, the first of which would be a questionnaire. Please contact us, if you wish to receive this questionnaire from us.

Missionary journeys. So far, we made international missionary journeys to Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Italy, United States of America and Peru. We are praying to be able to make trips to Ireland, Philippines, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Mexico, Cuba, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Uganda. If you wish to be visited by us, or for us to preach in your area, you are welcome to contact us.

Conferences. So far, our church, through her ministers, participated to biblical conferences in the United States, Peru, Ukraine and Germany. If you wish for us to attend or to organize a Bible conference in your country, please contact us.

Free literature. If you don’t live in Romania, but wish to receive our printed literature, you are welcome to contact us. As means allow it, we will cover the expense of shipping our literature to you. If you are interested to study our materials in a different language, please contact us. So far, we have literature available in 13 languages, and we continually add new translations, into more languages. If you wish to translate our materials into another language, please contact us.