Printing press

The work of printing and distribution of free literature is authorized by the Sovereign Grace Baptist Assembly of Bocșa, Romania and it represents the joint effort by our congregation and other congregations of like faith and practice to reach as many people as possible with the Gospel and the truths of the Holy Scriptures.

The first translation and printing projects began in 1999, when missionary Curtis Pugh moved to Romania, but the work really began in 2002, when we bought our first printing equipment. Since then, the print shop functioned continually, with a steady annual increase in the number of printed and distributed publications, so much that today, our congregation operates one of the largest Historic Baptist print shops in the world.

So far, we printed and distributed more than 50 booklet titles, in more than 1 million copies, and more than 20 book titles, in almost 100,000 copies. Beside these, we distributed tens of thousands of Bibles and New Testaments, in printed and audio formats, and more than 20,000 CDs and DVDs with sermons, resources and Christian music. Most of the materials were printed in the Romanian language, but we also printed in English, German and Russian. These materials are available free of cost and you can access them in electronic format in the „Library” section.

Since we’ve seen, down through the years, how important a literature work is for a biblical congregation, through our accumulated experience, we wish to help other congregations to develop a long term literature work. You will find here information about developing a printing work.

If you wish to receive our printed materials free of charge, please check our catalog of free literature available here and contact us.